Mr. Robert CervelliPresident & CEO:
Mr. Cervelli has twenty-four years experience in biotech start-ups, research, intellectual property protection, commercialization and licensing.

Dr. Alexander McLellan, Chief Scientific Officer:
Dr. McLellan has ten years experience R&D management, including in vitro, in vivo and human clinical trials as well as ten years of clinical and new product development experience.

Dr. Ziaullah Khan, Bioorganic Medicinal Chemist:
Extensive experience in multistep natural product synthesis, methodology development, microwave assisted organic synthesis, synthesis of various heterocycles as well as Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions.

Dr. Marc Richard, Research Scientist | Electrophysiologist:
Dr. Richard has fifteen years experience in patch clamp and in-vivo electrophysiology. Extensive experiences with in-vitro and in-vivo model development, formulation chemistry, and animal surgery.

Key Collaborations and Operations

In 2015, NeuroQuest entered into a joint venture agreement with Concept 2 Clinic for the commercial develop of several products of nerve pain in various global markets. This joint venture adds significant drug development expertise to the NeuroQuest team. Through this joint venture, NeuroQuest is exploring product approvals and market access in North American and Asian markets.

NeuroQuest has also successfully established an extensive network of world-class government, university and industry collaborators to support its goals, including:

NeuroQuest’s activities are conducted in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With its laboratories located at the National Research Council’s industry partnership facility (IPF), the company has access to high-end analytical research equipment and staff expertise. NeuroQuest utilizes the corporate support infrastructure of a sister company to reduce costs, optimize efficiency of operations and further maintain a low overhead.