Contract Medicinal Chemistry

NeuroQuest Inc. specializes in medicinal chemistry and drug development.  NeuroQuest works closely with its partners to understand their requirements and can synthesize pre-selected compounds or engage in a full lead optimization drug discovery program based on the client’s targets and assays. These services are available to researchers throughout Atlantic Canada, Canada and internationally.


     Synthesis Group

  • Synthesis of intermediates from milligram to gram quantities
  • Synthetic route optimization
  • Synthesis of focused library for in vitro screening

     Medicinal Chemistry Group

  • Structure based design, fragment based design and HTS Hit analysis
  • In silico modeling supporting structure based design & SAR (2D/3D QSAR)
  • Synthesis of focused library, SAR and ADMET optimization
  • IP protection around NCE’s

     Neurology Assays

  • Electrophysiology (DRG patch clamp, state dependency, Nav selectivity)
  • Nav subtype selectivty
  • Transient Receptor Potential Channel (TRP) activity assay (HEK cell)
  • Zebrafish Neuroactive Assay
  • hERG Assay


For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Alexander McLellan     902-402-1775(mobile) 

Mr. Robert Cervelli              902-222-4391 (mobile)  

NeuroQuest Inc., Suite 365, 1411 Oxford Street, Halifax, NS B3H 3Z1