Introducing NeuroQuest

NeuroQuest Inc., Halifax, Canada, is a drug development company seeking new approaches to modulation of nerve transmission and promising clinical applications particularly for neuropathic pain. The company focuses on a first-in-class small molecule drug discovery platform which is based on bioactives discovered in plant extracts showing efficacy for neuropathic pain. This is an unusually novel and promising opportunity which focuses on the development of a novel class of analgesics.

Business Objective

There is very high interest in the biopharmaceutical sector for novel classes of chemistry that exploit new mechanisms of action for nerve modulation, especially for the treatment of neuropathic pain. NeuroQuest will take its lead candidate drugs into the clinic within three years, and will seek high-value applications for pain relief and other medical conditions that respond to the modulation of nerve function. This research will be backed by strong, first-in-field patent protection. The company will seek several out-license opportunities for its platform technology, each for a specific disease indication. Alternatively, the potential exists for a full divestiture to a large pharma player.

clacker   Feature Video: NeuroQuest CEO Bob Cervelli and drug designer Dr. Don Weaver